Trump Kills USD!

Trump Kills USD!


Trump is Killing the USD!

Our prediction for 2019- Headline on the Wall St. Journal in 2020- Trump Kills USD! All this political jostling and the government shutdown will end up hurting the USA and the USD. I have absolutely no doubt of it now. The effects of the “Trump temper tantrum” and how the USD will perform is a sure thing in my eyes. Another sure thing is that this once great nation has gone to the dogs! 

I have been forecasting a weaker USD since October 2018 mainly due to Trump and his generally divisive and un-presidential conduct.

Now Goldman Sachs are saying the same in respect to the weakening USD. He is now also putting pressure on the FED to slow down rate hikes. And they have given in to his erratic tweeting. 

Democrats and Republicans stink!

Both playing petty games, finger pointing and point scoring while thousands of federal workers go without pay it is disgusting!


The whole system is broken if you ask me. If a criminal like Donald Trump can be President of the USA how did we get here? Well we all know the base he plays to. Racist nationalistic pigs! The Rise of populism is not restricted to Europe, it is a scary and pervasive sickness ravaging the western world.

It was at the beginning of the previous business cycle, just before the 07/08 Great Recession, back when Tony Blair was Prime Minister and George W Bush was President, that the global mantra, narrative and endless soundbite was “Globalisation” and “New World Order”. This new economic system helped induce one the longest bull runs on the stock markets in history!

But it helped China mostly, as an export based economy, to position themselves as the next superpower of the world. They are now focused on becoming a services based economy. Like America is/was.

Great global political shifts are occurring now and have been taking place in the shadows.

Perhaps this sounds conspiratorial? It is supposed to, because it is a conspiracy. A decision made by the big brains 🧠 to shift the power of the USA to Asia. Why? I am not sure.

One thing is for sure, I am going to capitalise on Trump’s obvious attempts to bring the USD DOWN!

Trump wants America to be an export based economy.

This means cheap labour(Amazon for example), a cheaper currency in order to boost exports, an Economy and population that can be completely manipulated by the government by discrediting the media(his Fake News narrative) and great steel mills, coal mines and car factories everywhere. Sound like anywhere familiar? Chiiiiiina?

Watch as these two economies switch places over the next 5-10 years.

Let us not forget that fracking for oil and gas in the Permian Basin has now positioned the USA as one of the worlds biggest oil EXPORTERS. They have always drilled for oil, but not on this scale, and used to import mainly from Saudi Arabia.

This is just the beginning of the demise of the USD and the USA and unfortunately for us all, I predict the environment will suffer from all of this as well.

As depressing as all this is, I am positioned and ready, my clients are ready, are you ready?

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Chris Smilas, CFD and Forex coach.

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