Trump calls Fed Loco as Markets Tank!

Trump calls Fed Loco as Markets Tank!

Markets Tank as Trump Points Finger at the Fed.

It’s been a bloodbath overnight, as traders saw what occurred in the US markets – despite there being no specific catalyst for such a move – and ran for the exits as fears increase that global risks are mounting. While people are logically pointing to the bond market rally to explain the sudden panic – most notably Trump who’s been laying the groundwork for blaming the Fed for the last couple of months. Trump was extremely quick to point the finger of blame at the Fed for raising rates too quickly, but as the CPI data is expected to be released today, inflation is running above target. As is to be expected, Trump is not going to want to take any responsibility himself for huge tax reforms that provided significant stimulus in an already booming economy, forcing the Fed’s hand to hike faster than they may have wanted, or for creating volatility in the markets by starting a trade war with China.

There is the possibility for this to be nothing more than a short, sharp shock that markets quickly recover from but the proximity to the mid-term elections in the US could make it a problem for Trump if it turns into more. That more than likely explains why Trump has been laying the groundwork in recent months, in preparation for such a situation so the seed of blame has already been planted, enabling him to quickly come out on the attack as he has. What a guy!

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Trump calls Fed Loco as Markets Tank!

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