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Swap Hunter offer an array of services and support, covering all the
angles of the global markets and managing your risk with incredible success.

Why Choose a PAMM

The PAMM manager also has equity in the PAMM account.

Experienced Brokers

You can enter in to a PAMM account along with many of our other investors for as little as $500 yet benefit from having the accumulated trading power of many individuals’ investments.

Best Possible Strategy

Be part of a group of traders who are able to share and deploy their collective knowledge to continuously find new ways to adapt to and consistently beat the markets.

FIBO Group company

Supervises all deposit and withdrawal operations, profit distribution and guarantees the timeliness of all transactions.

FIBO Group company

PAMM account with FIBO Group Ltd..


Investing under our professional and independent guidance increases your chances of realising your financial goals with managed risk, expert advice and more.

The manager’s fee

The manager’s fee is set in advance and it can only be allocated when there is profit on a PAMM.

Investment amount:

You can choose to increase your investment amount or to withdraw it in the end of an investment period which is every month.

PAMM Account PAMM Account PAMM Account PAMM Account
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