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An Exclusive Community of Professional Traders, MQL Programmer’s and Market Analysts.

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Forex Trust Club Services

Education is free upon being accepted as a member in the Forex Trust Club.

We can offer you support to avoid your capital being over exposed and lost on the markets through educational training in risk management, use of technical indicators, special trading techniques and strategies like swap trading, carry trading, hedging techniques, cross correlation trading among many others.

Being a member of our community of professional experts, we can share trading ideas, how to choose the right brokerage and how to ensure absolute safety and security of your funds.

Using the MQL5 and MyFxBook platforms we also offer MQL and Python language programmers so you can automate these trading strategies and ideas or use the Copy Trade functions to select a successful trader and replicate his/her trades on your own account.

Other programmers of indicators and EA’s (expert advisers) are welcome to join our community as well as long as they have a good proven track record of performance and back testing.

How to interpret and prepare for the volatility of fundamental data and geo-political events and how to translate that information in to positioning yourself correctly on the market.

Being a member of the Forex Trust Club, you will be introduced to the most highly reputable brokerages and most successful traders in the industry.

All you need to do is register your details to be a member of this prestigious community of professionals and to receive all the above mentioned benefits and services.

Trading Club

Trade together with professionals or take advantage of the automated strategy of your choice.

Dow-How Light

The Dow-How Light package has been put together to provide a quick and easy analysis of financial instruments.

PAMM Account

Have more trading power by being part of a group of investors who pool their funds together in a PAMM account.

Market Analysis

Receive daily market analysis and potential trading scenarios from our seasoned professionals.

Here is some of our trading history. Please be aware that past trading performance is not a
guarantee of future results.

PAMM Account

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a popular Forex broker extension.

The module simplifies and secures the relationships between Investors, Traders and the Brokerage.

The Brokerage manages all deposits, withdrawals and distribution of profits generated by the PAMM on a monthly basis.

PAMM account with FIBO Group Ltd.

“Forex Trust Club”  is the name of our recommended PAMM account to use at FIBO Group.

We have chosen to promote our PAMM with FIBO Group Ltd as they have all the correct and necessary regulations and have also been in the industry for over 20 years now.

They offer top tier banking solutions and the best spreads, swaps and execution available today.

It is a very fast and easy registration process to get your capital connected to the PAMM account.

Just follow the FIBO Group links on our PAMM page.

Fast and flexible deposit and withdrawals.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android trading platforms

Market Analysis

Why use our Market Analysis ?

Forex Trust Club are committed to ensuring the success of our members.

Our team has considerable experience forecasting the markets with great success.

We specialise in data analysis and market forecasting specifically for Forex and CFD’s trading.


Receive market analysis about potential market movements throughout the day via Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger.

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