Forex Trust Club Swap Hunter.

Forex Trust Club Swap Hunter.

The Forex Trust Club Swap Hunter trading results for January 2019.

Using the Forex Trust Club Swap Hunter is a very low maintenance, low stress way of generating profits. It uses a combination of indicators like the Correlation Matrix to identify currency pairs that are positively or inversely correlated and also calculates the NET swap differential to offer the highest possible swap returns. 

So you are hedging correlated currency pairs with high net swap differentials identified by the indicators in the Swap Hunter package.

Swap’s are accumulated during the rollover period every night at 00:00 paid by the brokerage. Similar to a commission or interest rate.

Here are some images to display the effectiveness of this system.

Follow this link to study the performance of the strategy at My FX Book.

How can I get the Swap Hunter?

You can get the Swap Hunter for FREE! Once you have registered and opened a live trading account (minimum deposit of $/€/£1000) with one of our recommended brokerages.

Alternatively, you can download the indicator for a subscription fee.


  • € 49.00 Monthly Subscription
  • € 299.00 Annual Subscription
  • € 499.00 Purchase Version

Once downloaded we will activate it on your Meta Trader 4 account. Additionally we assist you to install the product if required. And also provide a demonstration on how to use the indicator so you can earn a passive low stress income using this revolutionary, exclusive package.

You will receive ongoing support and training once you are using the system.

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