Forex Trust Club News

Forex Trust Club News

So here we are again, summarizing a week of trading the markets.

If you choose to follow this stream/blog, you will soon realize I am more of a pessimist, more of a short seller. I look for tragedy and bad politics.

We, as a global nation, a nation of nations, seem to be over-inundated with populism and separatist political movements and momentum throughout the globe. First GREXIT, then BREXIT, then Donald Trump has landed on our twitter feeds, demanding, no, constantly demanding “a better deal for the USA”.

Whether the trade deals between China and Europe and the USA are “unfair”, another one of Trump’s favourite childish words, is open to debate.

All of this seems so contradictory to Europe’s, USA’s and emerging nations/markets approach towards globalism and global trade and a “New World Order” which was the most commonly used phrase 5-8 years ago.

Most protested (at that time) by left wingers, or liberalists, now this demographic(the far left/liberals) crave the New World Order of free trade and free immigration. Now this phrase is just a distant memory. NWO. History! Yesterday’s news is today’s fish and chips paper!

I focus on where I can make a profit from this theater, this Greek Tragedy. What else can I do?

I am open to suggestions.

Please leave your comment below. I welcome new perspective and opinion.

Based on all this geo political confusion and smokescreen/theater we are all subjected to, I still favour shorting stock markets/equities and buying safe haven assets and commodity backed assets.

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